Minimalistik PvP shooter about cowboys, in in which players advantage flip dramatically. Simple, yet very sensitive to timings in input.

Game Rules:

Game goal is to hit the opponent with minimum shoots to score more points in round. On time end, Player with bigger score wins the game, but game will last until score is equal and \or one player is alive.


Hit enter or return to start the game

Player 1 (at bottom)

  • Move left - Left arrow
  • Move right - Right arrow
  • Fire gun - Up arrow

Player 2 ( at top)

  • Move left - d
  • Move right - a
  • Fire gun - w


  • 1-2 shoots = 10 score
  • 3-4 shoots = 6 score
  • 5-6 shoots = 4 score
  • 7+ shoots = 2 score

Avoid hitting the Lady in the middle of firefight (Score - 1).

Use boxes for cover. Boxes can be destroyed with 3 hits.

So far playable on one PC only. Grab a friend and hit it ! :)

Note that this is a very early prototype. Please comment on your gameplay feel. How do you find the timing in moving and shooting ?

Made withUnity

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